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Part I: Introductory Issues

The reasons for the book, a nineteen-page biography of Charles Wesley, an analysis of his poetry, and whence he obtained his music.

Part II: Psalms and Hymns for the Christian Year

A blend of the well-known, the less-known, and totally unknown of Charles Wesley’s verse, arranged according to the Christian Year, and including some Communion hymns, plus general devotional hymns. The selection includes 21 of Wesley’s psalm versions.

Part III: Theological and Devotional Themes in Wesley’s Hymns

- Incarnational Theology

- Theopaschitism: What about those hymns which talk about “God dying”?

- Perfectionism: Charles seems to have given up on the doctrine by the 1760s.

- Arminianism: Charles a “four-point” Calvinist by the 1760s?

- The Hidden Life

- The Role of Feeling

The launch has come and gone, but copies are still available, at AUD $35.00, which is still less than retail price.

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At the launch, apart from the scheduled speakers (Alan Harley, Allan Harman, and Dallas Clarnette via video clip), the following endorsement was highlighted:

Rev. Dr Timothy Dudley-Smith, retired Bishop of Thetford, U.K., and renowned hymn-writer himself (who received an OBE in 2003 for his services to hymnody), said this about Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley:

“Dr Adamthwaite has placed us all in his debt with this new study of the hymns of Charles Wesley, who still holds his place, two-and-a-half centuries on, as Prince of Hymnwriters. The book illuminates the way that we turn to Wesley’s hymns at every season of the Christian year; and shows how Charles used his gift to strengthen the theological understanding of those early class-meetings, in a way which speaks to us across the years. No-one, it seems to me, has better given us hymns which draw us out in praise, and which echo the movements of the Christian heart. The book provides much useful introductory material, and a careful annotation of the biblical sources upon which Charles drew in almost every line he wrote; it will hold a valued place on my bookshelves or beside my bed.”



 Promotion leaflet

See on Wipf and Stock website:

The following is from the Wipf and Stock website (NB. the endorsement by Peter Hastie has been added, as there was not room for this on the book's cover, but is valuable nevertheless):


In a time when Charles Wesley's hymns, and even his name, are slowly fading from the purview of many Christians, this book is intended to recover the precious heritage of our past, and to bring to the reader's attention a sample of the massive body of Christian verse which that genius composed throughout his life. The main body of the book is a selection of well known, lesser known, and unknown hymns and Psalm paraphrases, intended for devotional use and for teaching the basic Christian doctrines. These selections are arranged around the Christian year, as is appropriate, since Wesley was and remained a devout Anglican. Associated essays give a biographical outline of Wesley's life and ministry, analyze his verse, explore the sources of his music, and discuss various theological and devotional issues which arise from his hymns. With this volume goes the prayer that it will be used of God to recover Scriptural worship "in reverence and holy fear," appreciate his poetry, foster humble piety, promote doctrinal awareness, and to love and serve the same God of all grace and Christ of redemption whom it was Wesley's delight to serve.

Endorsements & Reviews

"Modern Christians are often unaware of what they are missing in both corporate worship and personal devotions by neglecting Charles Wesley's hymns. Murray Adamthwaite has set out to help remedy that situation, and his own interest in these hymns shines through in this book. His survey of Wesley's life is excellent and he has made a good choice from his rendering of psalms and his hymns."

Allan M. Harman, Author; Former Principal, Presbyterian Theological College, Box Hill, Victoria

_"This is a worthy contribution to existing studies of Wesley's hymns. Inspiring. In no way is it dry or recondite. It will cause many to burst into song. Preachers might be more ready to blend Calvinist and Arminian thoughts in the same sermon, as Wesley did. Theologians will find much to ponder and academics will be impressed by Wesley's imaginative use of poetic meters. A fine work indeed."

Dallas Clarnette, DMin, M.A.R. (Asbury), Presbyterian Minister (Ret); Author

_"The decline in interest in classic hymnody today, especially in Protestant churches, is but part of the decline in Western culture. It is for this reason that I so enthusiastically commend Adamthwaite's Through the Christian Year with Charles Wesley."

Barry Horner, D.D. from Westminster Seminary (Western Campus), Speaker for Pilgrim Ministries

_ "This study by Dr Murray Adamthwaite is a valuable and informative contribution on a subject that deserves greater attention in church circles. Since Christians spend some of their most memorable times together singing, it seems that any endeavor that helps us to appreciate the best elements of this tradition should be welcomed. It is only when we become acquainted with the best hymn writers in the church that we will develop better discrimination in what we sing and find deeper satisfaction in doing so."

Peter Hastie, Principal, Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne, Victoria.

_"A well-written book which considers the hymnody of Charles Wesley from several aspects--doctrinal, technical, historical, biographical, and practical. . . . It is my fervent desire that Murray Adamthwaite's delightful and richly informative book will be used by God to cause God's people to rediscover the hymns of Charles Wesley as a source of blessing in private devotion and corporate worship."

Alan R. Harley, President, Tyndale College, Sydney; Former Vice Principal, Booth College, Sydney; Former Dean, Wesley Institute, Sydney

Murray R. Adamthwaite has served parishes in Victoria and Western Australia, but then taught Old Testament at Tahlee Bible College in New South Wales during the 1980s. He holds a BD, a Masters, and a PhD in Ancient History and Languages, and has taught at the University of Melbourne, and other tertiary institutions. His PhD thesis was published in 2001 under the title Late Hittite Emar. Presently he teaches history courses at seniors' institutions.


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