Church Presentations

A number of PowerPoint Presentations are available for the benefit of congregations wanting to know more about both their Bibles and Church History.

Great Hymn-Writers: Their stories inspire us with the various battles and victories in their Christian lives and ministries; Their writings help us to lift our souls heavenward as we worship the Triune God of creation, providence and redemption.

Bible and Archaeology: By means of the archaeologist’s spade a knowledge of the Ancient Near East expands our understanding of the Bible’s background, assists understanding of the Biblical text, fills out details in the Bible’s history, and occasionally corroborates the Biblical testimony.     

Church History: History is God’s story, and this is most especially so in the history of the Christian Church: great men, great events, great movements, great accomplishments; and alas, great mistakes and great sins too!


Go, write it on a tablet before them, and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve in time to come as a witness forever.(Isa.30:8)


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