Bible and Babylon: Do the ancient mythologies of Mesopotamia, especially those of creation and flood, in any way invalidate the Biblical narratives, as is often alleged? The presentation will give an emphatic “No!” to these views, and vindicate the Biblical accounts.
Can the Story of Joseph be located in Egyptian history? This presentation will explore the possibilities to a likely answer of “Yes”.
Hezekiah’s bold stand against the Assyrian onslaught is one of the stirring stories of Bible history. This presentation looks at the historical and geographical background.
Collapse of Civilizations. Why do civilizations, after reaching their height, quickly collapse? The presentation looks at the spectacular collapse of both Assyria and Babylon, and in the light of Scripture, what the prospects are for our present Western Civilization.

Luke, the Nativity, and History: What was the real story behind the census referred to in Luke 2:2? Is Luke in error here, or is our accepted chronology the thing that’s wrong?

Go, write it on a tablet before them, and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve in time to come as a witness forever.(Isa.30:8)


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