Another  ancient language of the Semitic group, various dialects of which were spoken in Syria, Northern and Southern Mesopotamia. Akkadian was the vehicle for a body of literary texts (e.g. the Gilgamesh Epic, The Atrahasis Epic, Enuma Elish), as well as ordinary business documents, historical annals, and even medical and mathematical texts. To read these texts in the original Akkadian acquaints a student with the details of Babylonian wisdom and mythology, while the historical texts help to fill out the historical picture of the ancient world. Comparisons with the Bible – often grossly overblown – are discussed in various postings.

If you wish to study and learn the language I can arrange class time at a mutually convenient time and location. The textbook is R. Caplice, Introduction to Akkadian, Pontifical Biblical Institute Press, 2000. Meanwhile, a full sign list can be found here.



Tablet XI of the Gilgamesh Epic (British Museum K 3375)


Go, write it on a tablet before them, and inscribe it on a scroll, that it may serve in time to come as a witness forever.(Isa.30:8)


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